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Cookiechella Kansas City, MO

Vendor fees are $800 and include the following:

-Exclusive vendor area
-Two skirted tables to accommodate up to two attendants
-Four meals for each attendant, up to two attendants
-Electrical is available at an additional cost to the vendor upon request ONLY. Cost: TBD
-Wi-Fi access
All vendors are required to provide product samples for all swag bags, total items TBD, or a raffle prize(s) or a cash donation starting at $500.
***Please note vendors are not considered attendees and will not be privy to any attendee privileges, including swag bags, classes, demos and events. If you wish to attend the event you will have to purchase a full price ticket separately.

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*Please provide an email that is frequently used for communication purposes.

PLEASE NOTE: Fresh food sales are NOT allowed. You may sell food products (ie: cake/cookie mix, meringue powder, etc.) but no prepared foods.

Vendors are required to provide one of the following. Please select one and add a short description below:


***Once you have completed the information above and your application has been approved you will be sent an invoice for the full amount to the email address you provided above.



Thank you for submitting your vendor application!

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