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Ultimate Wedding Retreat Itinerary

These classes will be taught from your core instructors, Bree & Porsha:

  • Bree will be instructing on Monday as she will teach you how to work with different mediums to achieve a 3D sculpted grooms cakes. These techniques can be used on any sculpted 3D cakes.

  • Porsha will be instructing on Tuesday, as she will teach the true art of creating a wedding cake and display structure, design aesthetics and more!

  • All supplies will be included for all core classes.

  • Breakfast & lunch provided on class days.

  • Sunday: Welcoming Party, themed "Bachelorette Party" as Registration is included.

  • Monday & Tuesday: Day Time "Hands on Core Classes"

  • Monday & Tuesday: Evening "Hands on Workshops" (details coming soon)

  • Wednesday: Sweet Business Brunch from 9am-12pm

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