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Due to you paying half up front, your next payment is not due until May 10th.


In these two day hands on cake classes, you will learn new techniques and skills ranging from beginners to advanced. Just bring yourself and an open mind to learn, network and become motivated to be better in your business and skill level. Everyone is in one room, learning together. We will seat you in sections due to the level you specify on your ticket each day. Volunteers will be on hand each day for this intimate learning experience.

Each core instructor will be showing you step by step on how to achieve what they are teaching you. 


  • Sessions will be held on the 2nd Floor
  • Welcoming Party Sunday Evening
  • Monday & Tuesday begins at 9am-5pm
  • Breakfast & Lunch included on class day 
  • All Supplies Included
  • Breaks are built in
  • Professional Photoshoot 
  • Sweet Business Brunch on Wednesday 
  • Evening Workshops


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