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Become a Cookie Instructor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a "Cookie Instructor" at Cookiechella.

Our event will take place on October 2nd-October 5th, 2024


If you are selected to teach a hands on cookie class, you will be required to arrive on Thursday,

if you are teaching Friday evening. 

You will be required to arrive on Friday, if you are teaching on Saturday.

You will be required to submit a professional head shot, a list of supplies you need & a list of tools for your students.

(We will try our best to get supplies donated but cannot be promised)


As an instructor we will have volunteers to help assist you in prepping for your workshop, and in your class if needed.

Your daytime meals, plus our awards ceremony dinner on Saturday, and all evening events, will be offered to you as an instructor at no additional fee.


Hands on classes will be taught on Friday Night & Saturday.

Please keep in mind the workshops and add-on classes are different things.

Please email us for a Cookie Instructor Application at:

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